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Magneti Marelli:

  • 4AF
  • 4EF
  • 59F (Motorola) HW < 100
  • 59F (st10) HW >= 100
  • 5AF
  • 5NF
  • 6JF (multijet)
  • 59M (moto)
  • 5AM (moto)

The operations may be done off the car (with supplied cables), or on the car (OBDII connector)

In all versions it's possible to read/write both the flash and the EEPROM, either in OBD or not.

In the 59f (st10), 4AF, 5AF and 5AM families it's possible to use also the boot mode as backup or recovery system. This provides a way to recover ECUS that do not communicate in KWP mode because of corrupted memory or invalid operations.

You can also read the card pass code in all versions.

Also you can Read/write the mileage directly in EOBD mode in this models:  59F Motorola, 59F/5AF ST10, 4EF and 5NF

You can also clone the ecus in two modes:

  • O59F (Motorola e st10),  5AF, 59M, 5AM, 6JF: it's possible to change software configuration simply loading FLASH and EEPROM in the Vulpes software, it will automatically do the operation.
  • 59F (st10): There's another way for this inserting only the FLASH.
  • 5NF There's a way for doing it but it's a bit weird

Reset immo:  The operation works well in all models







Magneti Marelli 5SF versions:

  • 5SF HW 207
  • 5SF HW 300
  • 5SF HW 400 (only boot)
  • 5SF HW 401 (only boot)
  • 5SF HW 403 (only boot)

You find this ecu in 1.2 8V engines:  Fiat Stilo, Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat Nuova 500, Ford K.

The operations are made off the car

OBD operation in future releases

In all versions it's possible to read/write both the flash and the EEPROM, but the flash can only be read in boot mode.

You can read and write the mileage in all versions

You can also reset the immobilizer code.




Magneti Marelli 8F 16F 18F

 All the operations are made off the car, in boot mode. You haven't to solder/desolder any component.

You can read/write the eeprom and reset the immobilizer in all versions.




Bosch M1.5.5


The operation is off the car. You can write the flash file and also reset the immobilizer.

Note: for immobilizer reset you need an original flash file for ECU.




Bosch ME7.3.1 ME7.3H4 ME2.1


The operations are made off the car

You can read/write both the eeprom and flash memories.

You can also reset the immobilizer and read/change the mileage



Opel DTI 1.7L/TX2, DTI1.7L, HSFI-C, HSFI-2, ME7.6.2

You can work either off the car or by EOBD connector


You can reset the immobilizer and also read the card pass, and write the VIN.

In the DTI and HSFI  you can read/write the eeprom also.